Masha Egorova is a graphic designer with focus on branding and typography, based near Frankfurt am Main. 




Visual identity and website for an educational and cultural space, created by students for students, organized and managed by the Architectural and Spatial Design department of TU Darmstadt.

The future AKA_building is a former mechanical engineering hall, representing an example of Bauhaus architecture from the 1950s, and is currently undergoing historic preservation efforts. It is being reconstructed based on a winning design from an internal competition at the university. The opening to the public is scheduled for 2026.

Ongoing project.

I never told you

Identity and space design for an installation about secrets by architecture and interior design students of Hochschule Darmstadt.

The design of the space initially smoothly delves into the theme of secrets and secrecy, accompanying the visitor on the way to the installation. After the installation, the graphic becomes participatory: visitors answer questions about their own secrets by anonymously placing stickers on the walls. The concept of hiding is also communicated through a social media campaign. 

Together with Martina Rahner (space design).

Ich will sprechen über die Wahrheit, die dort war

Space design and identity for an exhibition dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials, organized and curated by students and alumni of Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main.

The exhibition deals with archive materials and documents from the '60s, many of which are typed on a typewriter. One such document is the letter of Henry Ormond from 18.01.1963, expressing the idea that all documents and materials not included in the trials themselves can be exhibited at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt. This brief served as the starting point for the exhibition.

The posters feature a photo from the court session. It was on this chair, at this table, that witnesses and victims of Auschwitz, who testified against the concentration camp staff, sat.

Ins Freie!

Website and identity development for a music festival in Frankfurt am Main. 

The key visual is composed of graphic elements from the wall design developed in 1977 by the Frankfurt designer Wolfgang Schmidt for the Orangerie restaurant in Darmstadt. The website and social media animations take the key visual to the next level, giving a feeling of diving into the jungle on a hot summer day.

Together with Markus Weisbeck (key visual).

Timeline Club

Website and identity for interactive art history lectures for kids and adults, organized by an art historian from the State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

A key element of the site is a timeline with eras in art history on which the club's lectures are located. For kids' lectures, worksheets are used to provide an interactive way of learning. Adults enjoy the meetings with art history eras with a glass of sparkling wine and desserts, which were particularly popular in those eras.

Logo by Letterhead Studio. Website in collaboration with Airborne Ape.